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Pintail Solutions is a niche life science services company focused on delivering complex projects to improve global health.  Our passion is to provide thought leadership and execution expertise for mission-based organizations.  Across our client base, we move business forward; move academia forward; move nonprofits forward within the life science ecosystem. 

Pintail Solutions delivers a wide range of projects including:

  • Business Strategy and Organizational Design: evaluation and development of new services and processes, organizational assessments of project management maturity, quality transformation mapping, etc.
  • Project and Portfolio Delivery: clinical trial delivery, quality management, healthcare informatics, process improvement (eg, Six Sigma), etc.
  • Facilities and Construction Services:  construction project management, strategic facilities and construction planning, facilities operations and program management, owner’s representation, and leadership development and training.

How does Pintail Solutions deliver?  We have some of the best and most passionate people on our team, averaging ~20 yrs life science experience.  Pintail employees care about YOUR business’ impact as much as YOU do!  We align and commit to your goals and needs as if they were our own, because they are.  Our Pintail team can deliver a breadth of services through a depth of experience.  We not only know and understand our respective areas of expertise, but we understand how the parts fit together, the nuances of how one change may affect other another.  Pintail Solutions is able to offer solutions and deliver outcomes.  We ensure our clients are asking the right questions, solving the correct problems.  We understand the big picture, “see the essence”, and distill the complex into actionable steps.  Pintail works to identify the right solution and our know-how coupled with dozens of templates and best practices enables us to deliver on your behalf. 

Founded in 2015, Pintail Solutions has:

  • Been the backbone to a nonprofit organization, building an annual revenue stream from $0 to >$10M, ensuring self-sustainability
  • Program managed novel academia/NIH informatics process resulting in a 5 yr NIH sole-source award of $50M
  • Program managed a complex community development/facility construction project, securing a $100M grant
  • Brought leadership, structure, and discipline to failing Covid trials resulting in successful ‘rescue’

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Facilities Management: Successful Delivery and Efficient Operation

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Pintail Solutions is a niche management advisory firm focused on enabling overall project and portfolio delivery, developing and deploying new business strategies, and delivering construction projects across life science organizations.

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