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Pintail Solutions is an accomplished advisory firm in the life sciences industry across pharma, biotech, and technology companies, as well as higher education and non-profit organizations

We specialize in providing services for complex projects to help improve global health. We bring excellence and elegance to your business opportunities. To organize the chaotic. To conduct the formidable. In short: we take your business projects and accomplish them neatly, smoothly, elegantly.
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Working within the confines of pharma/biotech, clinical trials, and quality/compliance projects
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Adept at working within higher education’s complex organizational structures [across clinical trials, healthcare informatics, and facility construction]


Assisting with large scale management and construction projects for organizational growth

Project Management is a Means to An End

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Project Management: Science or Art?

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Leveraging Project Data Effectively

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Pintail Solutions is a niche management advisory firm focused on enabling overall project and portfolio delivery, developing and deploying new business strategies, and delivering construction projects across life science organizations.

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