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There is a fabled quote attributed to former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, “business is messy.” This speaks to the complexity of all the moving parts, the evolving priorities and the resources to get “business done.” We question whether “Business MUST be messy?”… We know there are better ways to get “business done.” 

The primary focus of Pintail Solutions is to bring excellence and elegance to every project we touch… every organization we engage… every client we partner with. We have vast experience working across the highly regulated life science industry like pharmaceutical development, labs and technology, and construction and facilities. We have worked in the deep end of the pool with big data and higher education. 

So what do these experiences have in common? These are incredibly complex organizations that have equally complex projects. Their needs include finite details, constrained resources, and compliance requirements. So at Pintail Solutions, we take a holistic approach to problem solving, ensuring that every detail is addressed. 

At our core, we move “business forward.” We come in and distill these massive endeavors into bite-size pieces. The first step is to ensure we are solving the right problem and understand what ‘success’ looks like.  THEN it requires the right process and mindset to simply plan the work and then work the plan. We offer solutions, deliver outcomes.  There is a sustainability, and ease, with having the right people in the right seats to ultimately do that. 

We work in service areas such as Project & Portfolio Delivery, Business Strategy & Delivery, and Construction & Facilities Services to enable these organizations to be able to get from A to B…to move forward.  We really act as a transformative bridge between internal resources and overall project success.  It sounds simple, but the real world can make the simple oh-so-confusing. We care about our clients’ success as much as they do. 

If your organization needs assistance with either a micro or macro-level project, please let us know where we can start.

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Pintail Solutions is a niche management advisory firm focused on enabling overall project and portfolio delivery, developing and deploying new business strategies, and delivering construction projects across life science organizations.

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