Project & Portfolio Delivery


Project management is the glue that holds all the disparate stakeholders, functions, sites, and vendors together and keeps everyone aligned on direction, priorities, next steps, and risks.  Project management is at the heart of what Pintail Solutions does every day.  Project management is a means to an end, requiring the practice of project management to be agile and flexible to meet unique client and project needs and requirements.  Pintail Solutions is adept at delivering industry best practices to exceed specific client needs.

Service Areas

Project and Portfolio Delivery

  • Program/Project Management
  • Clinical Operations and Trials
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Quality and compliance

Project/Program Management

  • Bring structure, leadership and discipline to projects
  • Planning and execution including scope, timeline, risk and budget management
  • Best practice tools and templates for meetings, actions, risks, decisions, scorecards etc
  • Continuous improvement and process optimization

Bridging the Expectation Gap

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The Power of Inclusion in Project Planning

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Driving Success with Owner Project Requirements

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Pintail Solutions is a niche management advisory firm focused on enabling overall project and portfolio delivery, developing and deploying new business strategies, and delivering construction projects across life science organizations.

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